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Sunday, April 18, 2004

There and Back Again

My week-long lack of entries has now come to an end. I returned home from Puerto Rico late this afternoon. After I and two others in our fivesome travel group had dinner at Friday’s, I came home and pulled some essentials out of my suitcase. The rest will have to wait ‘til tomorrow. Of course, my computer was booting up at this time and it wasn’t long before I was greeted with a few hundred spams in my old account and a total of more than 1,500 messages to my address! There were still a few more than 1,500 after I took care of legitimate mail and 88 of them were notifications of new comments on the site. The rest were, well, you know! Then there was the brief IM with Chris who welcomed me back and promptly reminded me of my promise to provide some desktop wallpaper images from my trip to put into the May issue of ATPM! Yeah, they’ll be there!

All of this leads to just a few moments ago as I’m finally posting this message. I won’t be spending much more time about my trip on this blog. I’ll be preparing my photos tomorrow and they’ll appear in my album and all the details of the trip will accompany them.

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