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Friday, April 2, 2004

Less Is More

Sorry for using a cliché as the header, but it’s true. Apparently, I’m on a roll. As I indicated a couple days ago, I recently thinned my wallet by removing unneeded contents. It is now a little more than half its original bulk. This past evening, I took the consolidation binge another step and reclaimed a couple square feet of real estate on my desk at work, and I have an inexpensive KVM switch to thank.

You have to understand, there are three permanent computers in my office. Up until a month or two ago, there were four. Plus, before I upgraded my G4 tower to OS X recently, my PowerBook frequently graced my office desk. Whew!

Well, now having OS X at work, plus having an always-running G4 acting as a server at home, has radically diminished the frequency my PowerBook travels to the office with me. And, upon the long-awaited purchase of a new scanner a little while ago (along with the purchase of OS X 10.3 and related software upgrades), I was finally able to get rid of one of the three Wintel machines. One of the remaining PCs operates our CD and DVD duplicators. The other one is my standard-issue Gateway that most workers have on their desks. Don’t forget, I’m a Mac guy, so I don’t use this PC except when I have to.

As of Thursday night, it’s gone—well, not exactly. It’s just not taking up room on my desk any more.

The CPU is now down on the floor next to the little roller stand that my Quicksilver G4 sits on. The 17" monitor and keyboard are going into the IT department’s storage rack in the morning. The PS/2 mouse remains plugged in, but sitting on top of the CPU only because it’s running Windows 98—not XP—which can sometimes throw tantrums if you only have USB input devices attached.

What’s even nicer, besides regaining the desk space, is that the monitor I’m now using for it is the 22" NEC that is normally paired with the 15" Apple LCD display on my G4. If I have to use a Windows machine, at least I now have an awesome monitor to go with it.

So now I just have to clean up all the little junky things that had been surrounding the CPU and old monitor and detach the under-desk keyboard/mouse tray that I’ll no longer be needing.

My office has just become a fair bit more tolerable to be at.

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