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Thursday, April 8, 2004

A Little Extra Cash In My Pocket

Wow, this was a first—and something I’ll likely never see again. I’ve lived at my current apartment complex since May 1995. A quick scan of my old lease agreements (yes, I have copies of all nine sheets—soon to be ten) confirmed that my monthly rent has gone up every single year—anywhere from $5 to $21 extra. Today, I renewed one more time and discovered that the amount didn’t change this year. On top of that, for renewing a couple months early, they’re deducting $100 from the first month of the new term. The past years’ early renewal incentive has only been $50. Way to go, Tiffany Oaks!

Oh, and no wisecracks about throwing my money away on rent. I’ve already heard it and intend to find a townhouse that I can mortgage as soon as it’s feasible for me to do so.

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