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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Upgrade? Don’t Believe It!

Just as I figured would eventually happen, today I received AT&T’s card informing me that they’ll be sending me a free phone as an upgrade to my Sony Ericsson T68i. The replacement phone is, of course, the T226. (Warning, the T226 link will resize your browser window.) Calling this phone an “upgrade” while keeping a straight face must take a hell of a lot of practice. Sure, it uses AT&T’s improved network, but it does not have bluetooth or infrared (thus, no way to sync it to a computer), it cannot be used as a modem, its standby battery life is more than 100 hours less, and it only has a little better than half the phonebook capacity.

To its credit, though, besides using the improved network, it supports polyphonic ring tones, has greater color depth on the LCD screen, and supports digtial TTY/TDD.

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about any of these features.

Even though Mobiletracker reported that AT&T will be forcing customers to lose T68i phones, a quick call I just made confirmed that they won’t be deactivated for now…at least not in my area.

Too bad this free “upgraded” phone is already on its way to me. I wish they’d just discounted its cost off my bill next month! Even the very cheap subsidized cost instead of its retail price would be a welcome discount on my bill.

I will, of course, take the Ericsson representative’s advice and simply toss the new phone in a drawer. I would’ve offered to give it to the first person who made it worth my while to send it to them, but I guess I better hang on to it just in case AT&T bastards decide to cut off my T68i after all.

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