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Monday, March 1, 2004

The First Second Initial

The game is afoot!

You’re looking at the result of a series of events which seem like they took an inversely appropriate amount of time to accomplish.

First, there was the selection of the new domain, That actually took the longest time. I wanted something that was easy to give out verbally without having to spell or clarify it like I had to for I also had a passing interest in a domain that was an oxymoron to itself. Second Initial has two other meanings but, on the advice of my buddy, Chris, I’m sitting on that information for the moment. I’d love to see some comments posted to this entry with your thoughts. (The few of you who already know are not allowed to spill the beans!) It’s probably not very hard to figure out and there are plenty of clues all over the site.

The theoretical second step was to find a place to put the web site. I’d already decided to get away from the host that previously handled Their responsiveness and friendliness was great, but there were just too many quirky issues that were never resolved. I said “theoretical” second step because I actually settled on VerveHosting before I finally picked the domain name.

The third step was for me to install Movable Type. I did this in no time flat and I am quite proud of myself. My friend, Jeff, got me going the first time with and I just barely was able to follow along what he did. This time, though, I installed MT all by myself and without a hitch. I even set it up to use a MySQL database instead of the built-in textfile database. Overkill, perhaps, but all dialog I’ve had about it suggests it’ll work faster. It’s also easier to back up and run repairs if it, heaven forbid, becomes necessary.

Finally, the look of the weblog. To that, I must raise huge props to my friend and fellow ATPM staff member Raena Armitage. Over the course of just a couple days, she completely built what you see here—templates and stylesheets—while I cheered her on and dispensed my whim. She rocks!

In the interest of good form, I wish to acknowledge that the original inspiration for the appearance of this blog came from 8 Ways to Sunday. You’ll probably see some vague similarities, but I feel Raena and I sufficiently customized the elements of this blog so as not to be a plagiarism. If 8 Ways’ owner, Adam Messinger, ever stumbles across my site and feels otherwise, I’d encourage him to express any discomfort and permit me to make it good.

I’m making the assumption that the little CGI-related quirks I experienced while blogging on previous hosting service will disappear here on VerveHosting. I’m very much looking forward to being able to reliably use NetNewsWire for posting entries. It’s much easier to post that way, especially when I’m pointing to another item I found among my RSS subscriptions.

Thanks for hitting this page. If you choose to follow my entries via RSS, be sure to stop by this actual HTML site once in a while. No, the web statistics isn’t my motivation for asking. I’m just reminding you that things in the sidebar could get updated, and coming here is the only way to read and leave comments. I solicit everyone’s feedback as often as you like.

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Great design!

» Posted by Michael Tsai
March 2, 2004 04:56 PM

Seems as if the ride over to the new place was pretty smooth. The place is nice and clean too. Cool.

» Posted by Ryan
March 2, 2004 09:48 PM

Let’s see… I think it’s because you **edit** never mind. I will sit this one out because you already told me :P.

» Posted by Jon Gales
March 3, 2004 06:36 PM

Thanks for crediting me for providing a bit of inspiration. I have no problem with your adaptation of my site’s look. As you said, you’ve changed it around quite a lot. Besides (credit where due) my site is itself based on templates made available for free by Neil Turner at I’m planning on changing up the look of my site soon, but free templates are a great way to get started and learn what Movable Type can do.

The site looks great, and I’m flattered to learn that my humble little corner of the web helped motivate another blogger’s design choices. Thanks!

» Posted by Adam
March 4, 2004 02:27 PM

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