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Thursday, March 4, 2004

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

I was going to say, “take comfort.” Then, I thought to say, “take pride.” Next, it was, “take pleasure.”

Pah. I don’t care what you take, but whatever it is, you have my blessing to take *fill in the blank* in the fact that is now 100% XrackHosting-free.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be, well, mean. The crew at Xrack were some of the most friendly and responsive web hosting people I’ve come to be acquainted with. Regrettably, however, the servers simply are not at the level of performance that I feel they should be at. Sporadic mail server resets, frequently presented with null content pages instead of the CGI-based pages I was expecting for Movable Type, and a recent crash which didn’t lose any web data, but did cause everything to be down for about three days and would have lost some of my e-mail if I had not been fortunate enough to have locally cached copies of all but one (relatively unimportant) messages. The crash also completely broke a few of the CGIs on the old blog to the point that even completely deleting and reinstalling them didn’t fix it. I was still able to post entries (as long as I wasn’t getting null pages), but the MT-Blacklist plugin was permanently pummeled.

I politely explained everything to them and informed them that I would not be renewing at the end of this contract (which is, sigh, not until November). They were appreciative of my explanations and not having just said, “your service sucks. I’m leaving.”

So not only does VerveHosting have everything I had before, but even things I never had on Xrack, including the fact that, for the same price, i’ve got both and hosted here and can create a number of subdomain hosts. There’s more space, better statistics, and it’s fast! I can’t measure, but I’d swear the archive pages feel much snappier from the moment I transferred them.

I’m glad to see, even with only six entries prior to this one, there’s been some splendid comment activity and several votes on the poll. I’m curious, though: I can’t say I’m really sure what the “other” poll option could mean. What other way besides web and syndication is there for reading my blog? One person selected “other” and, if that person is reading, I’d be thrilled if you would post a comment to say how you follow my posts.

Finally, I just want to point out to and/or remind you that your privacy is safe within the comments. An entry into the e-mail address line is required by the comments engine, but this is only for my own use, i.e. replying directly to you. E-mail addresses are not displayed publicly and they won’t ever get distributed to others by me. If you type a web address, however, your name will link to it. Naturally, if you provide a web address in a comment, you would probably love to get some traffic out of it, right?

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